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A terroir

Tearing up the "tired" plots of land that I leave fallow for 4 years before replanting the white and mourvèdre grape varieties
Sitting on a Kimmeridgian Basin, the vineyard soils of Clos des Nines are strewn with fossilized oysters and limestone pebbles. The red grape varieties grow on clay-limestone soils that preserve the potential acidity of the grapes; the white grape varieties are planted on silty-sandy soils that favour good water drainage.
Situated at an altitude of 70m and along a windy corridor, my terroir has the ideal conditions to produce wines of great finesse.
Clos des Nines Vins AOP Languedoc Hérault

From Vine to Cellar

Our wines are all certified in Organic Agriculture FR-BIO-01.

How does this translate into reality?

A living ground

  • It's the one who feeds the plant

  • I amend my grounds with organic compost every autumn...

  • Tillage is limited to what is strictly necessary, earthworms do the rest.
  • An agriculture

  • I do not use any synthetic products on the plant or in the ground

  • I only use sulfur and copper and a little orange peel oil for its antifungal properties…
  • Une biodiversité

  • The Clos des Nines is naturally surrounded by low walls, wild hedges and scrubland

  • The local fauna finds its natural habitat here

  • This biodiversity combined with the practice of organic farming reinforces the natural balance of our ecosystem
  • Manual harvest

  • This is THE key moment of the vintage

  • The harvest is spread out over 5 to 6 weeks depending on the maturity of the grape varieties

  • The harvest is preferably done in the morning, to preserve the freshness of the berries
  • A selected

  • I pay particular attention to picking healthy grapes at their right point of ripeness. If necessary, we sort the grapes in the vineyard

  • Each bunch of grapes makes up the raw material of the wine in the making

  • Each bay must be flawless
  • The vinification

  • My work in the cellar then consists of accompanying the transformation of the grape juice to reveal the aromas of each grape variety and the character of my terroir

  • Strict hygiene limits the use of sulphites

  • My wines are protected and stable over time
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