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Our Story

It's the true story of a career transition.
I wasn't born in the Languedoc region and I didn't come from a wine-growing background.

At the end of the 90s, we settled in the region with our family.
I am seduced by its light, its strong identity, its history, its landscapes, its wine culture.

I enroll in a training course in Viticulture-Oenology in Montpellier.
There I discovered the profession of winemaker and the magic of winemaking.
I learn in the field, with experienced winemakers, pruning, work throughout the vegetative cycle, winemaking.

And that fascinates me.
The decision is made, we go in search of a vineyard.
Our Nines, "daughters", will plant their roots here in the Languedoc.

Our domaine

« Vieille Séque », dry vines in « Langue d’Oc ».

A setting of 10 hectares in one piece

The estate is surrounded by dry stone walls and dominated by a capitelle typical of the Languedoc landscape.

8 hectares of vines, 2 hectares of olive trees, nestled in the middle of the garrigue on the Collines de la Moure between Montpellier and Sète.

The terroir is classified as PDO – Protected Designation of Origin - Languedoc and Grès de Montpellier.

In the middle of the garrigue, between Montpellier and Sète

On the horizon: a splendid view of the Mediterranean Sea and the volcanic silhouette of Mont Saint Clair de Sète.

The adventure began at the end of 2002 with my first pruning season; the Clos des Nines found its name during its first harvest.
During the following years, I set to work on a long and meticulous restructuring of the estate:


  • I'm abandoning the "chemical" history of the estate...
  • I adopt environmentally friendly farming methods...

  • Installation of trellising to optimize the good ripening of the berries
New varieties
of grapes

  • Tearing up the "tired" plots of land that I leave fallow for 4 years before replanting the white and mourvèdre grape varieties
Isabelle MANGEART - Christian MARBLER
Route de Cournonsec
34690 Fabrègues - France

+33 (0)6 83 04 54 43
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